For help after hours call the National 24 Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

About Us

The Family Peace Center is a 501c3, multi-agency, multi-disciplinary co-located service center that provides services to victims of inter-personal violence. Both public and private partner agencies assign staff on a full-time or part-time basis to provide services from one location. The facility focuses on reducing the number of times survivors tell their story and the number of places survivors must go for help, as well as increases access to services and support for survivors and their children. 

The center is located at 315 N. Main Street in Rockford, Illinois.

VISION: The family peace center envisions a thriving community where all people have hope and are safe and free from violence.

MISSION: Led by the voices of survivors, we will build a safe, thriving community for all by creating pathways to self-empowerment to adult and child survivors of domestic and sexual violence through integrated, long term services provided with kindness, dignity and inclusivity, while driving transformation through education and community collaboration.


Survivor Driven – Adapt and shape services and policies to survivors and their families through regular self-assessment and accountability to survivors. Utilize and develop evidence based best practices to evaluate and adjust services as needed.

Safety Focused – Create and foster a safe environment for all who utilize the Family Peace Center which includes survivors and their families, as well as all staff of partner agencies.

Relationship Based – Maintain close working relationships among all collaborators/agencies built on trust and intentional communication.

Culturally Responsive and Inclusive – Commit to respecting the diversity of survivors, their families and the staff of partner agencies.  

Empowerment – Offer survivors an ongoing community which affirms their beliefs and creates mutual trust.

Kind Hearted and Hope Centered – Develop a Family Peace Center community that values, affirms, recognizes and supports each survivor and collaborative partner through staff, volunteer and client engagement.

Champions of Prevention – Use every opportunity to be an advocate for the prevention of further violence and abuse.

Efficient and Financially Responsible – Work collaboratively to ensure stewardship of resources.